Earn.com launches blockchain system to get paid from reading your emails

Blockchain technology has created many interesting platforms over the last few years. Earn.com is a new entrant to this space, and has a novel way of letting you earn money from the things that you do everyday anyway.

Normally, people will just send you emails, and you are expected to read them, and then either delete them or reply. If it’s a trusted source, it’s standard, that you’ll want to read the email and probably reply if they expect a reply to the email. But why should you be reading mails from people you don’t know, and might not want to be receiving.

This is where Earn.com comes in – it lets people you don’t know send you emails, and you get paid for every mail you receive. Earn.com lets you set the amount that you want to receive per email, so you can decide whether someone should pay you $1, or $100 or even more for every email they send you. Obviously, the higher the rate you set your email, the less likely someone will send you a mail. But if you are famous, or in demand, obviously it might be worth it for others to pay the rate you are setting.

Get paid to read email

And with Earn.com, you can even nominate for the money to be sent to charity.

Because Earn.com is in the crypto / blockchain space, our team started testing very quickly, and was delighted to see that many of the paid emails they were receiving, were actually requests for airdrops.

This is incredible – basically, you can get paid to receive an email, and then the email that you receive gives you the option to get free tokens in a variety of different new ICO’s and blockchain startup’s. So by joining Earn.com, you’ll keep updated with all the latest airdrops, while you get paid to read the emails initially.

Earn also has business, list and community features, which you can explore more fully after you join this blockchain platform.

So Earn.com helps users to earn digital currency for answering emails and completing tasks.

Many of our readers on “buy pre sale ico” have asked “What are Airdrops“?

Earn describes them on the company’s website…

as a way for blockchain entrepreneurs to give users a free trial of a new token and thus gain early adopters.

Earn.com users who are verifed and who have opted in will receive messages from the platform about brand new blockchain projects and get the opportunity to claim free tokens (which could become valuable crypto in the long run) and also to have these tokens that they earn sent to their wallets.

The first airdrop on the Earn platform was in January and was CanYa.

What is CanYa?

CanYa is a blockchain powered digital marketplace for services. It’s already trading on KuCoin.

Other airdrops that Earn.com is planning for the near future include

  • BloomToken, which is a risk assessment and credit scoring platform for the blockchain.
  • BEEtoken, which is an eco-system (decentralized of course) for the new sharing economy
  • Vezt, which is a platform for song ownership (to record song ownership) and also to distribute samples and sections of these songs to all stakeholders such as friends, fans, brands and other people who would be interested in this song

Earn.com has already had over 100 projects, including:

  • SimpleToken
  • EtherParty
  • Blockstack
  • Icon (which is one of our favourite, and which has jumped into the top 100 on CoinMarketCap. It’s apparently partly backed by the South Korean government, which gives a certain amount of legitimacy, when many countries are clamping down on everything which is blockchain or crypto related)
  • Datum

To sign up to Earn.com and to start exploring their platform, click here…

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