Free tokens from the Mark Cuban backed ICO, Current Media

Current Media is about to start an airdrop.

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Current Media is a blockchain platform focussed on the multimedia space. Mark Cuban, who many of you will know from the hi-tech space, as well as TV, and sport, is involved in this highly hyped up blockchain startup.

Current announced today that they will be airdropping millions of dollars of free tokens, following a huge $36 million raise in almost record time from a closed private ICO sale.

Current Media airdrop

What was interesting about the strategy that Current Media went through is that because the private sale was so successful, they have decided not to have a public token sale, and instead are building a community (which will no doubt also be built in record time) and give free tokens via an airdrop to the newly formed current media community.

The response to Current Media has been nothing short of insane! Possibly because Mark Cuban is behind Current, or maybe there are other reasons that only ICO whales and other crypto guru’s know about at the current time. A quarter million people, that is over 250,000 crypto current media fans, signed up for Current Media’s token sale, and the company also announced that although they closed the private sale at $36 million, they received $150 million in interest from crypto whales, retail and institutional investors, interested in the crypto ico space. But they decided to cap the ICO at $36 million, and in a novel and interesting approach to previous ICO’s, Current Media is not taking in further money, but instead offering free tokens via the airdrop to the community.

Marc Cuban invested in Current Media

Current co-founder and CEO Dan Novaes said:

The amount of interest in our token sale has been nothing short of extraordinary

Dan Novaes, then continued by stating:

Current was designed for everyone, and our North Star is our community. We determined that this token distribution is the fairest way for everyone to meaningfully participate – independent of their location or background.

Mark Cuban is a hi-tech guru and an early investor in Current Media, and was attracted to this blockchain startup, with their vision to bundle “traditional startup type platforms” like Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud and other well known media networks into a single platform.

So the early adopters of Current Media’s platform will have a better user experience of how they consume media, and will also receive rewards (which at the current time – excuse the pun – we’re not sure if they will be current media tokens or not), for usage, such as listening to music, or streaming video’s. Awards will also be given to content creators, which might move a lot of the crypto YouTube mogul’s such as CryptoLove, or CryptoBobby away from YouTube, and to start using Current Media as a vlogging platform.

CurrentMedia airdrop

How many times a day do you press ►?

Your morning workout playlist on Spotify? Your favorite podcast on your commute to work?

A tutorial on YouTube? (..or the 4th viral cat video you have been sent this week?)

We all ‘press play’ 100’s of times a week.

Every time we do so, we are giving away our time, our attention and our data.

For free.

Current is designed to be a media eco-system which rewards consumers, curators, and contributors in a more equitable way.

So the many are rewarded instead of the few.

You’re in good company joining our journey.

Our project has attracted stellar interest from seasoned entrepreneurs such as Mark Cuban who is one of our earliest investors. Our existing IOS already has 200,000+ Users and we are super proud of our Telegram community who have supported the project from Day 1!

Simply share Current and our story with your friends and earn up to 400 CRNC.

10 points are allocated for each referral. CRNC will be allocated as per end of program points total.

Note: Points are only rewarded when a referral joins the Telegram Community. To protect the integrity of the community from spam and bots, points will be deducted should a referred member leave or be banned from the group. You will be notified by email upon reaching the following milestones.

– Level 1 Reward-  Refer 5 Friends = 20 CRNC
– Level 2 Reward – Refer 10 Friends = 50 CRNC
– Level 3 Reward – Refer 20 Friends = 100 CRNC
– Level 4 Reward – Refer 60 Friends =  300 CRNC
– Level 5 Reward -Refer 80 Friends = 400 CRNC

To sign up for the Current Media airdrop, go to the following link, and follow the instructions:

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