KuCoin Customer Service

Are you looking for the Kucoin customer service? So are we!

As we’ve mentioned in a number of other posts, many members of our team, (and from what we’ve seen on Reddit, many crypto affiliates around the world) have had issues with the KuCoin affiliate program – and just to clarify, as you’ll see from the conversation below, we’re not referring to the “Kucoin Bonus Program“, we’re referring to the “KuCoin Referral Program“.

So it’s now been about 2 weeks since we’ve been able to withdraw our accumulated earnings from the KuCoin Referral Program.

It’s seems that the KuCoin software is taking huge strain, which is surprising as the volumes on Kucoin have dropped considerably in the last few weeks, since the “crypto crash of January 2018”.

So they should have plenty time to get both their development and their customer service up to scratch.

We emailed KuCoin a few weeks back regarding the withdrawal problem, and didn’t hear back, but when we logged in a few days later, something had changed, and we were able to withdraw…

…for about 5 minutes…

And then the problem reverted.

So tonight we decided to try look again at the KuCoin site to see if anything had changed!

It hadn’t!

Kucoin was still broken.

So we decided that because Kucoin doesn’t answer emails, we’d use the online support.

We entered a question into the Kucoin bot robot chat thing they use, and Kucoin incorrectly decided we were asking about the KuCoin bonus and not the kucoin referral program.

 Strike 1!

No problem – we noticed the kucoin “human” message on the top right hand corner of the kucoin website, so quickly clicked it, hoping to finally resolve the problem.

Kucoin customer support bot

As can be seen from the screenshot above, this was strike 2! No such luck. It said that “there are currently no customer service online”.

How can that be? Kucoin has millions of crypto customers and is doing huge volumes. How can there be NO customer service representatives online? We can understand if it says that Kucoin customer service people are all busy, and please wait..

But it doesn’t say that! It says that there is no customer service people online.

Once again, KuCoin, we really like your offering. We like your site! We like the new ICO listings that you list on a regular basis. We like the Kucoin bonus program. We like the kucoin referral program. To be honest, if you could sort out your issues – get your dev working, and actually have some customer support people helping, you’d be our number 1 crypto exchange!

So please, Kucoin, fix up your issues! 

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